E-Verify Announces Product Roadmap

During a recent webinar, E-Verify provided details on their upcoming product roadmap for 2021-2022. As part of our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest and most relevant information, we wanted to share these details with you.  Though no timeline was provided, the below enhancements (listed in no particular order) are projected to be released over the next 18 months and of course, are subject to change.  

  • Improve the Duplicate Case Check
    • Expand the list of data identifiers used to determine and identify a duplicate case.
    • Expand the “look-back” period from 30 government workdays to 180 government workdays.
    • Increase the number of cases a duplicate case check search can display at one time.
    • Prevent a new case from being created if an open case for an employee already exists. 
  • Allow Users to close a case from the Scan and Upload Process
  • Automatically close “Draft” cases older than 180 government workdays.
  • Allow a User to edit an Unreferred TNC including removing the ability to close case as incorrect during this process.
  • Automate the Final Nonconfirmation Review process/Employment Status Update letter.
  • E-Verify is planning on ending support for SOAP integration in a future release.
    • Industry is moving towards REST (Representational State Transfer) API.
    • Widespread agreement and documentation on how to provide and consume REST API.

At GryphonHR, we understand E-Verify and the importance of the E-Verify Web Services integration.  We know that even a minimal disruption to the integration can cause a major disruption to your business and that is why we’re providing you these updates. We built our E-Verify integration, from the ground up, using E-Verify’s latest REST API integration technology.  By taking advantage of this newer integration platform, GryphonHR will be able to adapt quickly to E-Verify’s foreseeable product roadmap, without worrying about any “end-of-life” plans to E-Verify’s older SOAP integration standard.