E-Verify Releases Draft Version of ICA v31

E-Verify recently released the draft version of Interface Control Agreement (ICA) Version 31 for E-Verify web service developers.  The reason for the release is to give web service providers an opportunity to learn and understand the ICA to allow them to begin making updates to their applications in accordance with the updates detailed therein. 

The new features in the draft version of ICA v 31 include Duplicate Case process updates, Scan and Upload process updates and an update to the Tentative Non-Confirmation process, all of which are detailed below:

Duplicate Case Process: 

  • Expand the current duplicate case lookback period from 30 federal government workdays to 365 calendar days.  
  • Restrict users from creating new cases if an open duplicate case for the same employee already exists. 
  • Remove the restriction of the number of duplicate cases that can be displayed at one time.

Scan and Upload Process: 

  • Allow users to close a case from the SCAN_AND_UPLOAD page in the case creation process.  

Tentative Nonconfirmation Process: 

  • Require users to download the Further Action Notice before completing the action to refer a case. 

GryphonHR will be incorporating these changes and updates into our process upon release by E-Verify. 

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