Partner with a cloud-based HR compliance solutions platform – designed with you in mind.

Unlike many HR Compliance software providers on the market today, GryphonHR specializes in employment eligibility compliance including Form I-9 and E-Verify software, which allows us to maintain the highest levels of government and industry compliance for ensuring employees are able to work. Additionally, GryphonHR has been designed with channel partners in mind to ensure the most flexible, and configurable partner platform available.
We continually work to ensure that all our forms, requirements, and content accurately reflect government regulations and best practices. We specialize in Form I-9 and E-Verify since many other HRIS platforms do not fully support USCIS requirements and guidelines which puts your customers at risk.

Leave Compliance to the Experts

HR compliance, and especially Form I-9 compliance, is more relevant and complicated than ever before. Companies across the U.S. have been crippled by more and more regulatory compliance, not to mention fines and penalties, from non-compliance.

As a provider of HR products and services, your clients and prospects are likely in search of Form I-9 and other employment verification and eligibility compliance solutions. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art compliance platform, designed to grow and scale with your client’s compliance and eligibility requirements. Our platform has been developed from the ground-up with the latest software and security technologies, to take advantage of today’s cloud-based service offerings.

We understand you need a program that is easy to use AND profitable, so you can get the true value out of a partnership with GryphonHR. Join forces with us to take advantage of the growing demand for employment eligibility software solutions, increase your revenue stream, diversify your product offering, and remain competitive with best-in-class products.

Key Features


Ease of Use

Our wizard-based, task platform is easy-to-use and designed for today’s mobile-centric workforce.

Customizable & Configurable

Branding, Styling, Templates, Configuration, multi-language. GryphonHR lets you customize all this more.

Safe & Secure

We exceed the most stringent, federal security requirements thereby protecting the integrity of your customer’s data.

Affordable & Scalable

Our business model, and cloud-based system, is priced to grow and scale with you and your customers’ business.

Become A Partner

Team up with the most customizable and scalable cloud-based HR compliance software available.

World-Class Integration. World-Class Support.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

The GryphonHR software platform has the integration features that your clients demand. Whether batch services, single sign-on, or API-based data exchange, the GryphonHR platform can seamlessly integrate with whatever business systems you, or your clients need.

Some of the more sought after integration capabilities we provide include:

  • Integration with E-Verify
  • Provisioning users and administrators from existing solutions
  • Securely share data across multiple applications and systems
  • Provide secure, single sign-on (SSO) integration with SAML, or OIDC standards
  • Build your own data sets or dashboards with our real-time access
    to data through our API

Sales & Marketing Support

Our sales and marketing experts will guide your team on effectively selling and marketing our software platform through live consultations, sales and marketing resources, access to videos, demos, training materials, documentation, and ongoing support. The GryphonHR platform was developed to support your business with numerous built-in customization, and configuration “white-label” capabilities to brand our products as your own.