Plans Designed to Grow With Your Business

Only Pay for "Active" Users. Unlike Other Plans, You Are Never Charged for Inactive Users.


1 – 100 Employees

$ 4
  • Basic Onboarding
  • Centralized People Data
  • Complete Form I-9 Features
  • Outside Agent Support
  • Unlimited Worksites
  • 24x7x365 Availability
  • Unlimited Active Users
  • Email Support

101 - 2,500 Employees

GryphonI9 Basic Plus…
$ 3
  • Site Branding
  • FastFill Data Entry
  • Extended Onboarding
  • Custom Roles and Permissions
  • Configurable Notifications
  • Personalized Nomenclature
  • Bulk Imports
  • Third-Party Agent Networks*
  • Third-Party Integrations**
  • Toll-Free Phone Support

2,500+ Employees

GryphonHR Business Plus …
$ 2
  • Full Regulatory Reporting
  • Enhanced Requirement Config.
  • eLearning Requirements ***
  • Single Sign-On
  • Rest API Integrations
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • Ext. Toll-Free Phone Support

* Support for this feature is enabled. Additional Third-Party Agent Network Fees that may be applicable are not included.

** Support for this feature is enabled. Additional Integration Fees may apply.

*** Support for additional eLearning Requirements is enabled. Courseware and third-party fees are not included.

Platform Features

Meet GryphonHR. The most user-centric platform for hiring, onboarding, training, and compliance. GryphonHR is simple, streamlined, and easily accessible from anywhere by today’s mobile-centric workforce.

Responsive & Brandable

Maintain your brand image and visual identity with your most critical asset - your employees.



Multi-Language Support

Go beyond multi-language and customize any text throughout site for any language.


gryphon-hr-icons-03 (1)

Made for Mobile

Work anywhere, on any device, with specialized web interfaces designed exclusively for the candidate and HR professional.

Configurable Roles & Permissions

Create customized security roles to configure what users can and cannot do within the system.


Multi-Level Hierarchies

All organizations are not the same. Configure GryphonHR’s data to mimic and evolve to your organizational structure.

Remote Agent App

Dedicated, mobile-responsive web application designed for easy completion of those tasks requiring an agent to complete.

Forensic Audit Trails

Always be prepared! With GryphonHR  you will reduce the preparation time for an audit from days to minutes.


Electronic “Wet” Signature

All signatures include date/time stamps, IP address capture, and signing process audit trails.

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