Analyze HR Data on the fly with the ability to report on literally every piece of data.

GryphonHR puts you in the driver’s seat to make strategic and take-charge decisions that will have lasting effects on your organization. GryphonHR’s robust reporting allows you to build customized, more detailed reports on the data you need, when you need it. Each customized report can be saved so they can easily be replicated in the future.

Get all of your data in one place! Configure and customize your dashboard using our dynamic data widgets. Want to easily track your E-Verify cases, we have a widget for that!

Customize reports in a few clicks to get useful data on client’s and employees’ progress, history, and compliance requirements. Save those reports to re-run anytime!

Relieve the burden of monitoring the ever-changing and growing list of compliance standards. Our team of legal and compliance experts monitor and update forms,
and regulatory changes in near real-time to provide you with access to the data and templates you need to stay compliant.

The GryphonHR software platform enables administrators to configure their compliance requirements quickly, often without the need for any software platform updates. This enables you to respond to those changes much faster and understand how they can impact your business in real-time.

Your data belongs to you! At Gryphon HR we believe that what you and your employees enter into the system is yours. We don’t charge extra to export your data, and we provide you the ability to export it any time! All data is exportable in CSV, or PDF format, and where applicable, document images and signed forms can be exported to a .Zip file archive available for download at any time.

One of the benefits of using GryphonHR is the ability to quickly see where, if any compliance or eligibility gaps exist.

Through our summary-level reports, you can see at a customer-wide, or multi-worksite basis, where you need to focus your time in addressing issues. These intelligent reports are based upon system configuration so they are tailored to your organizational requirements and needs.

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Reduce compliance audits and reputational risks by getting ahead of the ever-changing federal and state law requirements, and constant threat to the safety of your data and applications.

Why GryphonHR

Meet GryphonHR. The most user-centric platform for hiring, onboarding, training, and compliance. GryphonHR is simple, streamlined, and easily accessible from anywhere by today’s mobile-centric workforce.


Quickly configure compliance requirements to be audit-ready on demand.


Ease Of Use

Enjoy a single sign-on, and easily navigate our super simple user interface.


The multi-language configuration includes the user’s ability to change the text for any instance of navigation or icon. 



Three distinct plans to fit your business and budget. Unlike Other onboarding software, our customers are never charged for Inactive Users just sitting in the system.

Safe & Secure

We combine the highest industry standards – ISO-based Standards, and PCI Compliance, to protect your employee data, and securely collaborate regardless of device.


Our pricing plans are designed to grow with your business and don’t skimp on features for our smaller-sized clients who are ready to grow!

Product Innovation

Our system is completely customizable, brandable, accessible from any device, and an open API that allows you to connect and share data with your existing systems & applications.



Built with all-encompassing branding capabilities that include dashboard layout, and the ability to change logos and color schemes.