Form I-9 and E-Verify: Why is it so important?

The Form I-9 is a required government form that is used to verify an employee’s identity and employment eligibility. All US employers must complete a Form I-9 for all new hires and must do so in compliance with the rules and regulations stated within the Form I-9 guidebook, the M-274.

GryphonHR has automated the completion of the Form I-9 within our onboarding process, or as a standalone process with GryphonI9. Our optimized solution ensures a more accurate and compliant Form I-9 every time. Some of the benefits of using the GryphonI9 automated solution include:

  • Consistency is key! Using GryphonI9 ensures consistency when completing the forms while reducing errors by utilizing specific controls that enforce accurate data entry into the system.
  • Compliance matters.  Using the electronic I-9 platform assists in ensuring the Form I-9 is completed within 3 business days all while complying with USCIS regulatory timelines.
  • Easy to track expiration dates with alerts notifying when documentation is set to expire and when employees need to be re-verified – a feature few other providers have.
  • Having all of your forms in one place is critical. GryhonI9 can import, and support, existing paper Form I-9s as well as electronic Form I-9s, allowing employers to track, manage and retain forms accordingly.
  • Quick and easy access to forms in the event of a Form I-9 audit.
  • GryphonHR can support customized file uploads reducing the burden on your IT team.
  • No need to change HRIS systems as the Gryphon platform can seamlessly integrate with your existing system(s). Enjoy accessibility and single sign-on (SSO) with our cloud-based service platform.
  • Our REST API allows for custom workflow support and is fast and easy to integrate. Digital signatures are captured on every form. Employees can “click” to sign, or sign using a “wet” signature. All signatures have a digitized timestamp in accordance with USCIS guidance for electronic signature capture.

In Person or Remote Hire? – No worries, it’s all the same

GryphonI9 will allow Section 2 completion to be done in person, or remotely. By enabling employers to assign a third-party individual, or allowing their employee to identify an individual, GryphonI9 simplifies the electronic I-9 process creating more flexibility for your HR staff and employees to get the form done. Now, all new employee paperwork can be done within the three-day compliant guidelines.
  • Admins can assign completion of section 2 to other users at any time!
  • Admins can designate employees to find their own agents!
  • Admins can assign third-party agents to complete
  • Admins can designate and/or enforce the use of third-party providers to complete ANY employer-responsible activity (i.e. Section 2 completion, revisions, section 3 completion)

What is E-Verify

E-Verify is a government program that allows employers to enter an employee’s Form I-9 details into an internet-based system to confirm an employee’s employment eligibility. This is done by comparing the details from the form I-9 to databases with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). Currently, E-Verify is mandated for employers wishing to do business with federal government, as well as in specific states, counties and cities. Although E-Verify is not a national requirement, state and federal legislation trends indicate that the process may be headed that way in the near future. The E-Verify program is beneficial to employers as it reduces the risk of hiring employees who are not able eligible to work within the United States.


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Using the E-Verify system is a manual step for HR professionals who don’t use an electronic I-9 provider today. GryphonHR integrates directly with E-Verify for a simple and seamless process. Once an employee’s Form I-9 is complete, the employee data is passed to E-Verify, providing the employee’s eligibility verification details within seconds.

The complete E-Verify process can be done within our platform saving time and keeping all pertinent data in one convenient place.
Below are some of the key benefits of utilizing the GryphonI9 solution and incorporating E-Verify into the process:

  1. GryphonHR stays up-to-date on compliance legislation so your HR team can focus on what matters, your employees.
  2. Use of E-Verify requires mandatory training. With GryphonI9 you can easily ensure your HR team is educated using our E-Verify training course.
  3. Seamless E-Verify process including the E-Verify Photo Match tool. The E-Verify photo match process prompts for the employer to compare an image of the employee on the screen to the image on the document presented by the employee and confirm they are the same.  This process is easily accommodated within the GryphonI9 tool.
  4. Reduction of Tentative Non-Confirmation results due to overall higher accuracy of data entered.
  5. Easily go through any Tentative Non-Confirmation process with our wizard-based approach, and leveraging both or admin and candidate portals to exchange information and sign-off on appropriate documents along the way.