Why GryphonHR

Meet GryphonHR. The most user-centric platform for hiring, onboarding, training, and compliance. Gryphon HR is simple, streamlined and easily accessible from anywhere by today’s mobile-centric workforce.


Ease of Use

With single sign-on, and a super simple user interface, you’ll easily be able to navigate the GryphonHR dashboard without much ado. But don’t worry, we’ll assign an implementation specialist to ensure your implementation is successful for both you and your employees.

GryphonHR can also easily integrate with several widely-used payroll and time-tracking software systems using our REST-based Open API. And, we understand there are some great tools out there (some we’ve never even heard of) to help you run your HR. You don’t have to give them up!. We’ve made it easy to integrate with the tools you already use, and those you may use in the future, and keep them under one, easy-to-access system.



GryphonHR is compliant, audit-ready, and available on demand.

Employment law and the continual introduction of new legislation make it difficult and complex for HR to stay on top of compliance and regulations. Small and mid-size companies are further at a disadvantage when they don’t have the resources to hire a dedicated employment attorney.

Our software platform enables administrators to quickly configure their compliance requirements without referring to, or researching regulatory changes and updates. Our team of experts monitor regulatory changes and update GryphonHR in real-time to ensure accurate data for all of your employment documents.


Customizable & Configurable

GryphonHR exceeds our “fully customizable” competitors.

We built GryphonHR with all-encompassing branding and customization capabilities that include: dashboard layout; custom color schemes, styles, and logos; email templates, workflows, organization structure, security roles, and so much more! Customers have the ability to change the text, and icons throughout the site in any language!

GryphonHR is built with you and your organization in mind. Create alerts and notifications for tasks and build and configure custom reports in a couple of clicks to get useful data on client’s and employees’ progress, history, and compliance requirements.


Safe and Secure

GryphonHR combines two highly-recognized industry standards for security to ensure reliability and easy access to data from anywhere: ISO-based Standards, and PCI Compliance.

The same controls that protect credit card data, which are the most scrutinized in the industry, are used to protect your employee data. Our state-of-art system defends data from brute-force attacks, allowing your employees to securely collaborate regardless of device.

Need to regulate employee-access to data? Our highly-configurable, permissions-based security model allows you to create roles and permissions for each employee, as well as manage your employees’ devices from a single dashboard.


Affordable & Scalable

We offer three distinct plans to fit your business and budget. Each plan includes basic onboarding, complete Form I-9 features, 24/7 365 availability, and unlimited active users. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, our plans offer enterprise-level features to ALL of our customers.

Our pricing plans are designed to grow with your business and don’t skimp on features for our smaller-sized clients who are ready to grow! Unlike Other HR onboarding software pricing, Our Basic Plan allows unlimited “active” users. Our customers are never charged for Inactive Users that are just sitting in the system.


Remote Agent App

Share and delegate approvals and data entry with our Remote Agent App, and give your remote agents the experience they deserve.

Enjoy peace of mind with a dedicated, remote agent experience tailored to only those functions and needs that a remote agent has. The remote agent will never have access to the main GryphonHR administrative UI but instead, will log into a dedicated, secure, mobile-responsive web application designed just for them.